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Team Members: PitMaster Mark West,, Drew West, Warren Ghettie, Shone Patel, Jeff Blankenship, Justin and Jodie Kaye Waldheim, Scott Childers, , Jerry Souzar

I joined up with John Wheeler at Natural Born Grillers in 2000. We had a great run and I started 10 Bones in 2007. Since 2007, 10 Bones has been the Memphis BBQ Network Team of the Year, "Shoulder, Rib & Whole Hog" Team of the Year, appeared on BBQ Pitmasters three times and won Grand Championships from New Hampshire to Florida. In 2008 10 Bones SWEPT the "Hog Fired Up" BBQ Contest in Eutah, AL winning $31,000 and the very next weekend SWEPT the "Tennessee FunFest" winning another $8000. It's never been done before and I doubt it will ever be done again. We have several teams that use our Award Winning Rub's and Sauces. We even have one that stole the recipes and have gone to the "victory" circle with them          .... But hey....Stuff happens and you know what they say about Karma!

Some of our winnings  (the ones I can remember):

BBQ Pitmasters Grand Champion

World Championship Memphis In May:

1st Place Rib 2018

1st Place Rib 2017

1st Place Rib 2016

10th Place Whole Hog 2015

4th Place Whole Hog 2014

5th Place Whole Hog 2013

13th Place Whole Hog 2012

2nd Place Whole Hog 2011

2nd Place Whole Hog 2010

9th Place Whole Hog 2009

9th Place Shoulder 2008

5th Place Shoulder 2007

6th Place Rib 2004

4th Place Whole Hog 2003

Memphis BBQ Network Invitational: 2 Time Grand Champion

Southaven Springfest: Sweep and 2 Time Grand Champion

Music City BBQ: Sweep and 3 Time Grand Champion

Hog Fired Up: Sweep and Grand Champion

TN Funfest: Sweep and 2 Time Grand Champion

Smoke on the Water: Sweep and 3 Times In a Row Grand Champion '12,'13,'14

Tupelo Don't Be Cruel BBQ Dual: Grand Champion

Oxford Town BBQ Throwdown: Grand Champioin

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